Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Punna in Chiang Mai

One of the best places to rent or buy is in the Punna at Chiang Mai.   Punna, a word meaning community or town, is a much sought after place to live in Chiang Mai due to its location on the popular Nimanhiemin strip.  There are shopping malls, a university, restaurants, hotels, the airport, stores, entertainment venues and several residence opportunities in this highly coveted area that make living here a pleasure as well as an experience in luxury.
Within this residential community you will find all aspects of living the life you want to lead. Want to go to the zoo?  You’re within walking distance here in The Punna.  Want to do some major shopping and find great buys on top designer items such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and more?  The Punna Place on Nimanhiemin is right there for your shopping pleasure among other shopping malls and boutiques.   No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in The Punna and that is what makes this newly designed community so popular.
Being one of the most sought after places to live,  you can expect to pay more for rental and sales property than you might in other locations, but what you will find is a community that is hard to beat anywhere else.  Literally everything you could want is at your fingertips or within a few minutes’ drive.  Even the Chiang Mai Airport is only 5 minutes away, so if you have a motorbike or bicycle, you’d do well to live in this exclusive area where everything is within your reach.
The residences available in The Punna are high end, luxury places with tons of amenities that anyone would be thrilled to experience in their living spaces.  It’s not an area with the history and temple streets of the old city that are so charming, but that is only about a kilometer away if you want to take in that beauty.  The fact is, The Punna has it all and is a fantastic place to live and the designers have done well to keep it a peaceful place to live with all of its linking streets and bustling life.
Many of the residential places are above coffee shops or restaurants, and depending on the style of the place you want to live, there is sure to be a spot that will fit every budget.  From the luxurious condos for sale or rent in Punna Residence, to the standard comfortable 40 sq m studio apartments.
There aren’t many areas that come close to the luxury, activity choices, and living choices that the Punna does.  If you’ve got the money to spend, here is where to spend it. You won’t be disappointed in what it has to offer and what you experience living in a community that was created to have everything you need right there in a peaceful setting.   

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chiang Mai Punna has comfy Pool and Gym

The Punna in Chiang Mai has some great facilities including an well equipped gym and a fair sized pool.
The Gym at the Punna in Chiang Mai

Facilities at the Punna Chiang Mai

The Pool at The Punna Chiang Mai

Nice sized pool in Chiang Mai

The view of the pool from one of the rooms

Facilities at The Punna

Friday, 14 October 2011

Last two Brand New Rooms in The Punna Chiang Mai

Please note that there are only two condos being offered now directly from the Punna @ Nimman. These condos are both spcious with three to four bedrooms depending on the layout. Yes, a four bedroom condo.
These prices are not for every body as these condos start at 9,000,000 Baht.

For More information about these condo or many other condos in the Punna for rent and sale please do not hesitate to contact Perfect Homes

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Condo for rent in the Punna Chiang Mai

Condo for rent in The Punna Chiang Mai

The fitted kitchen in the condo

The Condo's large bedroom

The apartments kitchen

The apartments dinning table and breakfast bar

The Punna Chiang Mai
This Chiang Mai apartment is located in the Punna Chiang Mai and is available to rent for 27,000 Baht a month. For more information please Check out Perfect Homes' Condos for rent in Chiang Mai.

Condo for Sale in The Punna

This Condo in The Punna has a fully equipped kitchen

This Chiang Mai Condo has two bedrooms

This Chiang Mai apartment also has two bathrooms

The Bedroom

Bedroom 2

The Condo's kitchen

This condo has a comfortable lounge

This large Condo in The Punna is for sale for more details check out the listing on Perfect Homes' under Condos for sale in Chiang Mai.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Punna in Chiang Mai

The Punna in Chiang Mai is one of the top locations to buy or rent in Chiang Mai,  This mainly due to its great location just of the chic Nimmahieman road. This allows the Punna to command good rental prices and hold its price per meter when selling.

The Punna Chiang Mai Condos for sale