10 Reasons to Choose the Punna

The Punna @  Nimman is one of Chiang Mai's top condominium buildings and here are 10 reasons to chose the Punna in Chiang Mai.

  1. The Punna was designed and built to high standards.
  2. The Punna has friendly reception staff that are ready to serve.
  3. The Punna has dedicated 24hr security inside and outside the condominium building.
  4. The Punna is located in a top location and gives easy access to many shops of all descriptions
  5. The Punna's rooms were well planned and offer good views of the mountains or the city
  6. The Punna has a decent selection of quality facilities such as a pool and a gym
  7. The Punna offers great value though not cheap they are well priced for the location
  8. The Punna is a popular location so this allows you to sell the your condominium easily should you wish
  9. The Punna's location allows you to rent the property easily should you wish.
  10. The Punna is located close to Chiang Mai's international airport so it makes it a good choice for the wishing to buy a holiday home in Chiang Mai.