Sunday, 27 January 2013

Renting a condo at the Punna in Chiang Mai

There are many opportunities available to rent a condo at the Punna in Chiang Mai.  There are some questions you need to have the answers to before you get ready to do your search to find the right condo at the Punna for you to rent.

  • ·       How long do you want to rent a condo for?
  • ·       Do you want certain amenities available such as cleaning service, a restaurant, fully furnished, etc?
  • ·       Do you have transportation or will you need it?
  • ·       Are you renting with someone or are you by yourself?
  • ·       Do you want a fully furnished, serviced unit or something unfurnished and more off the beaten path?
  • ·       Do you have children with you?
  • ·       Do you want to be in a quieter unit or do you love the hustle and bustle of nightlife and noise?
  • ·       Are there specific places in the Punna you want to be close to?
  • ·       What is your rental budget?

Having the answers to these questions will really help narrow down your selection when looking for places to rent in the Punna in Chiang Mai.  Take your list in hand as you search and you will be able to find the place that will fit your needs perfectly.

The Punna is THE place to be when it comes to being in a community that has everything right there for your needs; shopping, theater, coffee shops galore, banks, restaurants, the zoo, the university and much more.   It’s all within walking distance or a quick bicycle ride which is why The Punna is so popular. 

If you want a quieter place to stay, be aware of the places that are close to a lot of nightlife and consider the possibility that they will be quite noisy at night.  It is recommended to stay in a hotel for a week or so and really get a feel for the Punna before deciding on a rental that you will be in for awhile.
By staying in a hotel for a week or two, while you’re checking things out, you can avoid signing a rental contract in a place that you have never seen nor know anything about.  Since hotels can be so inexpensive, I would consider it an expense well worth it, for the headache and problems it could save you later from making by renting a condo in the Punna, sight unseen.

There are some beautiful luxurious condos in the Punna, and if you have that budget for them, you would more than likely be very pleased with your rental.   A lot of amenities, full furnished, beautiful furnishings and a/c are almost always included in a higher market condo and the extra money spent to have all the perks is really worth it if you can afford it.  Renting a condo in the Punna in Chiang Mai is not as hard as you may think it is.  There is always a lot available and since it is a relatively new area, there are new places being added all the time.  

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